We will always:
  • Put you, the client first,
  • Tell you the truth,
  • Treat you with the utmost respect,
  • Give you our very best,
  • Return your phone calls or emails in a prompt manner,
  • Let you choose your entertainer,
  • Answer any questions you may have,
  • Entertain your guests to the best of our ability,
  • Tailor your event to you,
  • Give you a fair price,
  • Be on time and ready to go,
  • Dress appropriately for your event,

...And we will always, smile and have a good time!

We will never:
  • Complain,
  • Make excuses,
  • Use foul language,
  • Drink alcohol or smoke,
  • Try and pick up/hit on your guests,
  • Add extra hidden charges,
  • Over-book our available dates,
  • Sell your reception to a sub-contractor,
  • Play music that; has foul language, is overtly sexual, promotes violence, encourages substance abuse or is demeaning to anyone,
  • Eat all your food,

...And we will never, show up with a bad attitude!

Let us add a Creative Touch to your next event!